Womens Clothing

  1. Side-scrunch Pants
    Side-scrunch Pants
    As low as ₹3,248.00
  2. 9 Pop Circle Heavy Arm Dress
    9 Pop Circle Heavy Arm Dress
    As low as ₹5,264.00
  3. Loop In Line Tunic
    Loop In Line Tunic
    As low as ₹3,136.00
  4. Night-vine Top
    Night-vine Top
    As low as ₹3,584.00

Mens Clothing

  1. Loop Road Shirt
    Loop Road Shirt
    As low as ₹4,766.00
  2. Loop Arm Tshirt
    Loop Arm Tshirt
    As low as ₹4,379.00
  3. Ride Through Buttoned T-shirt
    Ride Through Buttoned T-shirt
    As low as ₹4,379.00
  4. Flap Pocket Shirt
    Flap Pocket Shirt
    As low as ₹4,508.00
Collection - Line


The Inception takes a road back to the basics of fundamental designs to recreate the way in which they are evolved. Line recreates an array of designs including Paisleys, Damasks and Abstracts through a host of colors including White, Baige and Grey. Canary, Black and Olive Greens are also used to bring in the element of variation. Line uses Linen as it is a sustainable and eco-friendly fabric. The first of its kind, this collection caters to a niche market and serves the needs of those looking for newer designs. Also distinctive Metal Embellishments, Appliques, Flaps and Top Stitching Details give the designs a peculiar outlook. This collection also brings in the Masculine factor to its Feminine outfits through high-point shoulders and longer silhouettes that breathes life into its attires.

Collection - Unfold


Inspired by the ancient Japanese craftsmanship of Origami, Unfold - The Linen Story, is a flip side story of the folds of the origami. A reverse engineering process that shows the intricate folds through which the designs are evolved. Unfold hosts a diverse array of pastel shades including Yellow and Beige with a conglomeration of contrasting colors including Navy Blue, Red and Black. To break the monotony, we also have intricate artwork with floral top stitching details in the form of tunics, dresses and jackets that gives off an Indo-Western outlook. To show the folds and unfolds in the process of Origami through sophisticated yet simple artwork is where the essence of this collection lies.


A travelogue is inspired by a traveller and how he sees his surroundings as an explorer. What starts with the whites and yellows from the walls of Pondicherry in the French colony leads to silhouettes derived from a gypsy or a nomad which are the oversized garments. In certain garments, you can see the emphasis of a bicycle and the French windows as one of its inspiration which can be seen on clean and simple silhouettes. The bicycle is the easiest and best way to travel and explore any city and one can capture so much in different ways when one rides through nature on a cycle. This feel is brought out in this summer capsule not only in terms of the colour’s used but even in the trims and detailing.

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